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The "three castles" that make up the Royal Fortress reveal their secrets.

The Royal Fortress of Chinon is built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Vienne River and the town.

The castle enclosure is punctuated with numerous towers that illustrate the evolution of defensive architecture from the 12th to the 15th centuries: round towers, solid or hollow, with an Angevin slope, horseshoe-shaped, etc. Inside the enclosure, the space is divided by ditches into three distinct parts that the kings called their three castles: the Fort du Coudray, the Middle Castle and the fort Saint-Georges. The Middle Castle occupies the centre of the fortress. Its gate-tower, now known as the Clock Tower, has housed one of the four oldest bells in Touraine and its monumental clock mechanism since the end of the 14th century. The royal apartments of Charles VII and Marie of Anjou were built against the southern rampart of the Middle Castle. Restored in 2010, this elegant stone dwelling, punctuated with turrets and mullioned windows, is crowned with a slate roof. Its rooms house the furnished re-creations and collections of the site.

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Fort Saint-Georges
01 Fort Saint-Georges
The Middle Castle
02 The Royal dwellings
03 The Argenton Tower
04 The Dog Tower
05 The clock tower
06 The machines of the park
07 The Treasury Tower
Fort Coudray
08 The Coudray Tower
09 The Boissy Tower
10 The Mill Tower
11 The vienne river in chinon
12 Vineyards in Chinon
13 An interactive interpretation trail
14 A balcony overlooking the town