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Name of the person responsible for publication: Nadège ARNAULT as President of the Departmental Council of Indre-et-Loire


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Photo credits:

  • Christophe Raimbault, Indre-et-Loire Departmental Council (CD37)
  • Nathaëlle Brouwers, Indre-et-Loire Departmental Council (CD37)
  • ADT Touraine, Jean-Christophe Coutand
  • Stévens Frémont
  • David Darrault
  • Léonard de Serres
  • Gillard and Vincent
  • Histopad re-creations: Histovery
  • The recumbent effigies of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II Plantagenet: Royal Abbey of Fontevraud
  • Fresco of the Sainte-Radegonde chapel: Fabienne Bouéroux
  • Facsimile of the parchment of Chinon: Photographic workshop of the departmental archives of Indre-et-Loire
  • Portraits of Philip Augustus, Fulk the Quarrelsome: Extracts of the films directed by Benjamin Silvestre
  • Portrait of Prosper Mérimée: Carnavalet Museum History of Paris

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