Les vignes à Chinon - Crédit : Nathaelle Brouwers
Les vignes à Chinon - Crédit : Nathaelle Brouwers

Vineyards in Chinon

Enjoy the view from the terrace of the Dog Tower! The Chinon vineyard acquired its noble status mainly in the 20th century, with the recognition of the AOC Chinon.

Depending on the location of the vineyard, the wine of Chinon takes on different notes: this is the result of the different characteristics of the soil. North of Chinon, the yellow and sandy soils give fruity wines. Along the Vienne River, the gravelly soil gives light, very aromatic wines.

We also find, in some places, limestone. It is called here the "yellow limestone of Touraine". The hillsides located on these clay-limestone soils give more robust wines.

As for the grape variety, the Chinon red comes from the "Breton".... That's what we call Cabernet Franc here! It is easily recognizable by its ruby colour and the violet accents on the nose.

In the 16th century, Rabelais paid homage "to this Breton wine which does not grow in Brittany, but in this good region of Véron and other places of the region of Chinon".

Because the wine of Chinon was not born in the 20th century. Traces of the existence of vines in Chinon can be found as early as the 8th and 9th centuries.

However, in the Middle Ages, the vineyard landscape did not look like what you have in front of you. The vineyard was more fragmented, divided into small plots and the wine was reserved above all for local and personal production. But wine in the Middle Ages was not the prestigious product it is today. At the time, another drink was in vogue: a sweet wine with spices: Hypocras. 

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