Chevauchée Jeanne d’Arc
Chevauchée Jeanne d’Arc

Joan of Arc Collections

The former apartments of Queen Marie d'Anjou in the royal dwellings are dedicated to the Joan of Arc collections.

The focus is on the depictions of this heroine from the 16th to the 20th centuries. In the prints room, discover Joan of Arc in images through romantic portraits, war posters, Epinal prints, etc. In the Middle Ages, no one depicted Joan of Arc during her lifetime, but she inspired many artists over the following centuries. She occupied a significant place in popular iconography and in the 19th century many sculptors were inspired by this heroic figure. In the room dedicated to statuary, the numerous sculptures of Joan (in bas-relief or in relief) rub shoulders with the Recognition Tapestry (Aubusson tapestry of the 17th century).

A small overview of the collections:

Joan of Arc saved France Joan of Arc saved France
Joan of Arc saved France

During the First World War, the image of Joan of Arc was used to support the war effort. In 1918, William Haskell Coffin depicted her as a young conquering beauty for the poster Joan of Arc saved France. There is another version of this poster, dated 1917 and entitled: Joan of Arc They are Calling You.

 Jeanne d'Arc part pour Chinon. JOB
Jeanne d’Arc en guerrière. Assiette produite dans les ateliers de la faïencerie de Lunéville (Lucien Marchal, 1899).

Plate in earthenware produced in the workshops of Lunéville (1899). Joan of Arc is represented as a helmeted warrior, in bust form, with her motto: "Jesus Maria".