A new Joan of arc room in the royal dwelling

Joan of Arc : popular heroine !
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On the first floor of the royal dwelling, a third room dedicaded to Joan of Arc offers a fresh look at this important figure.

This new room bears witness to the omnipresence of representations of Joan of Arc in society at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Muse of the greatest directors from the beginning of the Seventh Art, Joan of Arc has also inspired many musicians and stage artists, as evidenced by the many works (oratorio, plays, etc.) dedicated to her.

Even before the emergence of the consumer society, her image is also widely used for commercial purposes. 

Joan sells washing machines, stain removers, water and Camembert cheese (espace) !

Finally, as a testament to her great popularity, she has become a key figure in children's literature.

Discover Joan of Arc, the popular heroine, through a range of everyday objects (espace) !"