Histopad - Crédit : Histovery
Histopad - Crédit : Histovery

Histopad ®: a visit in immersion

Since July 2023, discover the Treasury Tower, and relive, in an immersive and original way, the siege of 1204-1205, from the point of view of the French or English camp, in the presence of the different warlords. 

Test the Histopad of the Royal Fortress of Chinon... from your home!

The HistoPad technology can spectacularly enhance the discovery of the Fortress, with 3D re-creations in 360°.

An immersive visit

Nine transformed or disappeared rooms, accessible through the doors of time, are virtually reconstituted in their original state, allowing a 360° immersion in the heart of the 12th, 14th and 15th centuries.

Cross the walls to explore an inaccessible space, relive the exceptional Christmas court of Henry II Plantagenet in the great hall of his palace, attend the scene of the Recognition with Joan of Arc or handle war engines and artillery in 3D (mangonel, trebuchet, cannons, etc).

Histopad - Kitchen- Credit : Histovery
Histopad - Credit : Histovery

Augmented reality tours

Interact with the collections and play a part in your visit. Handle the furniture of the king's bedroom in 3D thanks to an "augmented" interpretation. Take a virtual tour of the underground galleries of the Fort du Coudray.

Histopad - Mill Tower - Credit : Histovery
Histopad - Credit : Histovery

A fun tour guide

Valuable objects have been hidden in the 3D scenery. Collect them during your visit and join in the treasure hunt. Try your hand at medieval selfies by virtually donning the costumes offered by the HistoPad.

9 languages

French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Brazilian and Russian.

Price: Device included in the entrance fee to the castle, no extra charge.
9 languages :
Histopad languages

€5 for people who have free access to the site.

Recommended duration: 2h