Les Logis royaux - Crédit : Léonard de serres
Les Logis royaux - Crédit : Léonard de serres
Free at 6pm.
In case of bad weather the concert will take place at the Abattoir (12 Quai Pasteur, Chinon).

The Royal Fortress of Chinon is taking part in the Chinon en Jazz festival.

At 6pm, come and listen to the haunting, contemplative melodies of P.446 in the park of the Fortress.

Like a notebook of paintings or a diary of memories, imagined or real, the compositions of this ‘acoustic-electric folk jazz’ quintet, as it defines itself, interweave timbres to give birth to new ones. Sensitive music of intoxicating beauty, transforming a mighty fortress into a delicate inner sanctum.

Pierre ALLOUCH, guitar / Rémy ROULAND, bass / Thibaud BOUSTANY, piano / Alix BEUCHER, guitar / Axel GAUDRON, trumpet.