On Sunday August 7, the Royal Fortress of Chinon returns to the Middle Ages for an exceptional day!

For the first time at the Fortress, you are invited to take part in a tournament of knighthood at the time of the Plantagenets.

Meet men-at-arms in their camp, admire the skills of brave knights and chat with the people close to earl or a shield maker.

Activities, workshops, shows and even a special camp for children await you!


Companies and speakers: 

Gueule de Loup;
Les Chevaliers du Trincou;
De Gueules et d'Argent;
Curia Henricus V;
Terra Rubea;
Dominique Humbert;
Thibault Hycarius from the Applied History channel;

Restauration : 
The Lysandre, the gourmet point of the Fortress, welcomes you with joy!




CHILD UNDER 7 go free