HistoPad technology make a trip to the Forteresse Royale de Chinon even more magical with 3D 360° reconstructions.

Travel back to the Middle Ages!



Interactive tour with the HistoPad :

Nine converted or bygone rooms have been restored to their former glory through the portals of time with a spectacular virtual 360° experience in the 12th, 14th and 15th century.
Ecorché images enable you to see through the walls to provide a lively and educational insight into an inaccessible space. You can interact with the settings in these virtual reconstructions.
The HistoPad enables you to relive Henry II's incredible Christmas court in his palace's main room; watch the La Reconnaissance scene with Joan of Arc, visit Queen Marie of Anjou's kitchens or watch preparations for her journey in the castle courtyard.
The HistoPad also gives you the chance to use weapons of war and pieces of artillery in 3D (mangonel, catapult, cannon etc.) with interactive techniques.

Test the Histopad


Augmented visits:

 Use the tablet to interact with the collections and play an active role in your tour.

The archaeological collections, Joan of Arc collections and king's chamber furniture have been "augmented" so you can experience them in 3D.

Visitors can click on a series of 360° panoramic views on the bottom floor of Tour du Coudray to go on a virtual tour of the fort's underground corridors.



A fun visitor's guide :

Valuable items have been hidden in the interactive 3D scenes (the queen's ring, the head chef's spoon etc.).

Children can collect them during their tour and take part in a treasure hunt. Treasure hunters will receive a reward by email. Bigger kids can take a medieval selfie with virtual costumes to dress up in with the HistoPad.

This lively and fun tour soon becomes a social and interactive experience.


Rate: included in the entrance fee, available in 9 languages
5€ for people with free entrance to the Fortress.

Recommended duration: 1 h 30 m

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