Revisit the chambers of Charles VII at the Royal Fortress of Chinon.


Charles VII has two chambers, each with a bed and antechamber, where scenes from public and political life were played out and where the King gave audiences and received ambassadors. In the private bedroom, where you stand, there are comforts for more personal needs like a private heated chamber and toilets.

Reconstructing the furnishings in Charles VII's private chamber took considerable effort, combining documentary research as well as input from artists and craftspeople. A bed, (arm)chair, chest, table and bench were recreated for the room, crafted by Tancoigne-ébéniste, which has faithfully reproduced existing models in the museums or scale-models from the mid-15th century. The job of recreating the fabrics that covered the entire bed was given to ancient fabric specialist, Catherine Mangou.




The result is an outstanding example of 15th century Royal furnishings

Charles VII stayed regularly in his chambers at the castle of Chinon during the second quarter of the 15th century. Specialists gained a good idea of the furnishings from the ordinary and extraordinary accounts kept by the King's accountant, which refers, amongst others, to purchases of furniture and fabrics.


The accounts provide detailed expenditure for 1458 to 1459, split into monthly periods and major items, such as woollen blankets, gold and silk, linen, chests, trunks and sideboards, etc.